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TASM11 - 68HC11 Cross Assembler for DOS

To use our TASM11 you first create a source code file in industry standard 68HC11 assembly language using a text editor such as the one provided with DOS or WordPerfect in text mode will do.
You then use the cross assembler program to create an object code file (and optionally a listing file). The object code file contains the information needed to program the microcontroller chip or an EPROM chip. This object code file can also be downloaded to an emulator or simulator for program testing and debugging. The object code file can be in either Motorola S-Record or Intel Hex format which are standard file formats compatible with all programmers and emulators.
The listing file is a standard DOS text file that shows the machine code and addresses generated by the assembler for each line of source code. This file is used for debugging your code. This file contains a symbol table that is used by TECI's emulators and simulators to provide symbolic debugging capability.
The TASM11 is invoked from the DOS command line and supports a number of command line and option switches and pseudo-operation codes that allow control of the output file type and format, memory map control and the ability to include other source files. Fifteen character variable and label names are supported.
The TASM11 is an extremely fast absolute assembler that requires no linker or librarian.

- download the TASM11 manual in pdf format.(193 KB).

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