A 23 year tradition
of superior products and services
for the embedded system community.

Our Products

WMCPM3 - Windows Control Program for our MCPM-3 Programmer
WP11 - 68HC11 Bootstrap mode programming software for Windows
P11-DOS - 68HC11 Bootstrap mode programming software for DOS
WASM11 - 68HC11 Editor/Macro Assembler for Windows
TASM11 - 68HC11 Cross Assembler for DOS
WASM05 - 68HC05/6805/6305 Editor/Macro Assembler for Windows
TASM05 - 68HC05/6805/6305 Cross Assembler for DOS


Consulting Services

68HC11 Development Tools

68HC11 Windows Editor / Macro Assembler
68HC11 Windows Bootloader Program
68HC11 DOS Bootloaded Program
68HC11 Dos Assembler

68HC05 Development Tools

68HC05 Windows Editor / Macro Assembler
68HC05 / 6805 Dos Assembler

Special Order Products.

Our in-circuit emulators are special order products that were popular in the past but, due to decreased demand, are not available from stock. To support existing customers having an on-going need we make them available on a special order basis.
Note: These products are custom built to order and as such are not returnable.

In-circuit emulator for 68HC11
In-circuit emulator for 68HC05