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Our Privacy Statement

We respect your right to privacy and honor it in the following ways:
1) We never disclose customer information to third parties.
2) We never sell customer information.
3) We never send unsolicited material to customers or web site visitors.
4) In order to provide better service we maintain a confidential database of information on customers who have purchased our products.
This data is as follows:
5) We do not store credit card information on our web site or in our customer database.
For this we rely on Authorize.net, the most trusted and secure ecommerce provider.

6) We do not collect or retain data about visitors to our web site. Our web site hosting organization reports site statistics to us which we review periodically.

7) Email correspondence is held in the strictest confidence and stored in electronic form for a limited period of time.

8) We send cookies to your computer only when you first add an item to our shopping cart.
A cookie is a small piece of information stored in the memory of your computer that we use to keep your shopping cart separate from the carts of other shoppers. Think of a cookie as a unique tag that you get when you first add an item to your shopping cart. This tag contains no personal information about you or your computer system, it's just a series of random characters that are removed from your computer when you close your browser.
Here's what a cookie looks like:"SKUIDf45e49f64261af97fce854f6da4ede4atec-i.com/1536398508915229975388243444774429608261"
We believe that browser cookies are essential for robust web applications however, we acknowledge that, like all technologies, cookies can be abused. Uses that invade your privacy would be a good example of such abuse.