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Web Album Creator
Windows Control Program for MCPM-3
68HC11 Editor/Assembler for Windows
68HC11 Windows BootMode Software
68HC05 Editor/Assembler for Windows

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New Release

Web Album Creator is our first venture into the world of consumer software. We wanted a vary fast and easy way to organize and share digital photos and none of the existing products we found filled the bill so we wrote our own. Check out the free evaluation version here.

MCPM-3 Windows Control Program

We now have a Windows version of the control software for our MCPM-3 68HC05 family programmer. This solves the serial communications problems that users of Windows 2000 and XP have been experiencing with the DOS version of the product. It's now available here for instant downloading.

Coming Soon

Around the end of February 2005 we will release a commercial version of our new shopping cart. This is a shopping cart designed specifically for small software publishers. It is simple to setup and use, emphasizes security, and has all of the features and polish that we wanted, including the instant download and instant license features, but couldn't find as an affordable standard product that actually worked. Email us and we will let you know when it is available.

New Web site

Our web site is completely new! We've added server side capability to provide dynamic content, written our own shopping cart, and purchased our own SSL certificate to ensure the highest possible transaction security for on-line orders. We do not store credit card information on our web site or in our customer database, for this we rely on Authorize.net, the most trusted and secure ecommerce provider. See our privacy statement.

  is one of the nicer capabilities of our new web site. These products are available for downloading immediately after payment is approved. This is a great convenience for our customers and for us because the product is available for immediate use and the expense of shipping is eliminated. We passed the savings on to our customers in the form of lower prices.

 is a feature integrated into our new shopping cart and newer software products that allows us to strike a really good balance, skewed in favor of the customer, between the conflicting goals of protecting the investment of our customers and protecting us from unauthorized copying of our software. Learn more about this unique software licensing methodology.

Newer Products and Product Upgrades

 New 68HC05 Products    New 68HC11 Products
StingRay C Source Level Debugger for our HC05 emulator. Supports popular HC05 C compilers from COSMIC and HiTech.
StingRay C Source Level Debugger for our HC11 emulator. Supports popular HC11 C compilers from COSMIC, IAR, and INTROL.
WASM05 A great project oriented Windows hosted 68HC05 Editor/Macro Cross Assembler.   WASM11 A great project oriented Windows hosted 68HC11 Editor/Macro Cross Assembler.
WTT05 - Windows hosted debugger for our TECICE-HC05 in circuit emulator.   WTT11 - Windows hosted debugger for our TECICE-HC11 in circuit emulator.
TECICE-HC05 Upgrade - Provides very high speed serial communications with the host computer. Cuts program download times by 6X!   TECICE-HC11 Upgrade - Provides very high speed serial communications with the host computer. Cuts program download times by 6X!

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