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68HC05 In-Circuit Emulator


The world's easiest to use editor/macro cross assembler for Windows WASM05 and emulator control program for Windows WTT05 are included with every emulator.

TECICE-HC05 Emulator shown with its WTT05 software for Windows


Devices Supported:

MC68HC05B4, B5, B16, C2, C3, C4, C4A, C8, C8A, C9, C9A, P1, P4, P6, P7, P9
MC68HC705B5, B16, C4, C4A, C8, C8A, C9, C9A, P6, P9


The TECICE-HC05 brings affordable emulation to the Motorola 68HC05 family of microcontrollers. It supports non-intrusive emulation of all of the on-chip features of each supported family member. The basic emulator includes all of the software and hardware required to design, develop and debug products based on these marvelously flexible and inexpensive devices. The TECICE-HC05 can be hosted by any computer with a serial port, but the PC Windows software provided with the emulator enhances performance and can run on Windows 3.1, WIN95 or Windows NT.

Learn more about the free emulator software:
WASM05 - Windows project oriented Editor/Macro Cross Assembler.
WTT05 - Windows Emulator Control Program.

Learn the latest revision of these products.
WASM05 Latest Revision
WTT05 Latest Revision
TECICE-HC05 Firmware Latest Revision

Download the 68HC05 In-Circuit Emulator manual in pdf format (711 KB).

*** Important Note ***

This is a Special Order Product. It is custom built to order and as such it is not returnable.

*** Important Note ***

Ordering Information:
Note: Price includes TECICE-HC05 emulator, emulation probe and cables, WASM05 assembler, WTT05 debugger, user's manuals, tutorial and example files.
Order Model Number to emulate with probe Price (US$) Purchase
ICE05-28D-P6A MC68HC705P6A 28 Pin DIP $3600.00 Call or email for availability
ICE05-40D-C8A MC68HC705C8A 40 Pin DIP $3400.00 Call or email for availability
ICE05-40D-C9A MC68HC705C9A 40 Pin DIP $3400.00 Call or email for availability
ICE05-44P-C8A MC68HC705C8A 44 Pin PLCC $3600.00 Call or email for availability
ICE05-44P-C9A MC68HC705C9A 44 Pin PLCC $3600.00 Call or email for availability
ICE05-52P-B5 MC68HC705B5 52 Pin PLCC $4500.00 Call or email for availability

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