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Windows Control Program for MCPM-3
68HC11 Editor/Assembler for Windows
68HC11 Windows BootMode Software
68HC05 Editor/Assembler for Windows

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Download WASM05 and WTT05 Demo Programs for Windows

WASM05 is a Windows 68HC05 Editor/Macro Cross Assembler.

WTT05 is a Windows Debugger for our TECICE-HC05 emulators.

Both demos will be downloaded even though you won't be using WTT05 unless you have a TECICE-HC05 emulator.
The file that you will download is named HC05DEMO.EXE and is a self installing '.exe' file. Once you have downloaded the file to your computer, invoke HC05DEMO.EXE by double clicking on it in Windows Explorer. The demo programs will be installed on your hard drive in a directory you choose. If you have trouble installing, try invoking the install program as follows: HC05DEMO.EXE /M<enter>.
The demo files take less than 1MB of disk space. When you are done with the demo, you can easily uninstall by double clicking on the Unwise.exe file in the install directory.


You will find a Readme.txt file in the install directory that will lead you through a tutorial covering the major features of the demo programs. It is important to work through the short tutorial to get the most out of the demonstration.

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