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WTT05 - 68HC05 Emulator Control Program for Windows



WTT05 is a Windows based emulator control program specifically designed for use with TECI's TECICE-HC05 in-circuit emulators. This program communicates with the ICE via a serial communications port and provides a graphical user interface for controlling the emulator. The program has many advanced features that increase debugging productivity such as speed buttons to automate common debugging tasks, a watch wizard and tight integration with TECI's windows hosted editor/macro cross assembler.

System Requirements:

IBM PC or compatible running Windows 3.1, Win95/98, Windows NT, Win2000, XP. Requires at least 4 MB ram and 2 MB of hard disk space and a serial port. 486 class PC recommended.

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Download Demo of WASM05 and WTT05.

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