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WP11 - Windows Software for Programming 68HC11 Microcontrollers

WP11 Screen Shot

WP11 Program Description:

This software allows an IBM PC or compatible to program 68HC11 microcontrollers using the 68HC11's built-in bootstrap mode. It's a Windows hosted program and works on PCs running  Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. See P11-DOS for a DOS program with similar capabilities. This program can be used with any programming hardware that has the capability to boot HC11 chips into the bootstrap mode and has the required programming voltages and a serial port interface available. See our P11 programmer for a commercial product that has this capability.

Program Features:

  • Uses 68HC11 bootstrap mode.
  • Accepts Motorola S-Record, Intel Hex
    and binary object code files.
  • Menu driven ease of use.

Program Capabilities:

  • Blank Check Device
  • Bulk Erase EEPROM
  • Read Device Contents into Buffer
  • Verify Device Contents
  • Program Verify Config. Register
  • Program Verify EEPROM
  • Program Verify EPROM
  • Program Verify Entire Device
  • Object Code File Management
  • Load Object Code File into Buffer
  • Save the Buffer in an Object Code File
  • Examine/Edit the Buffer
  • Settings retained in *.INI files.

Devices Supported:

  • MC68HC11A1
  • MC68HC11A8
  • MC68HC711D3
  • MC68HC811E2
  • MC68HC711E9
  • MC68HC711E20
  • MC68HC711K4


  • Comprehensive User's Manual with
    tutorial and sample files
  • Unlimited free technical support
  • 1 year free software updates

System Requirements:

  • 486 or higher class IBM or compatible PC
    running Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP.
  • One free serial communications port
    designated as COM1 through COM8.
Learn the latest P11 Software Version.

- download a demo version of WP11(434 KB).
- download the WP11 manual in pdf format.(194 KB).

Ordering Information:
Used For: PC software used for programming MC68HCx11A1,A8,D3,E2,E9,E20,and K4 devices using any hardware that supports 68HC11 bootstrap mode.

 products are available for downloading immediately after payment is approved. The order confirmation page includes a link to a single self extracting .EXE setup file (.ZIP file for P11-WD) that contains the installation dialogs, the executable, a help file that is actually helpful, a manual in .PDF format with tutorial, and all required example files.

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Program Versions

Learn about the
DOS version of this program.
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- download the P11-WD manual in pdf format.(269 KB).

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