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P11 - DOS Software for Programming 68HC11 Microcontrollers

P11 Screen Shot

P11 Program Description:

This software allows an IBM PC or compatible to program 68HC11 microcontrollers using the 68HC11's bootstrap mode. It's a DOS program but works from within a DOS window under Win3.x/95/98. It does not work with WinNT/2000/XP. See WP11, the Windows version of P11, to program 68HC11 devices using PCs running WinNT/2000/XP. This program can be used with any programming hardware that has the capability to boot HC11 chips into the bootstrap mode and has the required programming voltages and a serial port interface available. See our P11 programmer for a commercial product that has this capability.

Program Features:

  • Uses 68HC11 bootstrap mode.
  • Accepts Motorola S-Record, Intel Hex
    and binary object code files.
  • Menu driven ease of use.

Program Capabilities:

  • Blank Check Device
  • Bulk Erase EEPROM
  • Read Device Contents into Buffer
  • Verify Device Contents
  • Program &Verify Config. Register
  • Program &Verify EEPROM
  • Program &Verify EPROM
  • Program & Verify Entire Device
  • Object Code File Management
  • Load Object Code File into Buffer
  • Save the Buffer in an Object Code File
  • Examine/Edit the Buffer
  • Settings retained in *.INI files.

Devices Supported:

  • MC68HC11A1
  • MC68HC11A8
  • MC68HC711D3
  • MC68HC811E2
  • MC68HC711E9
  • MC68HC711E20
  • MC68HC711K4


  • Comprehensive User's Manual with
    tutorial and sample files
  • Unlimited free technical support
  • 1 year free software updates

System Requirements:

  • 286 or higher class IBM or compatible
    PC running DOS or Windows 3.x/95/98.
    Note: This program will does not
    work with WinNT/ Win2000/XP.
  • One free serial communications
    port designated as COM1 or COM2.
  • MS-DOS or PC-DOS version 6.0 or higher.
Learn the latest P11 Software Version.

- download the P11-DOS manual in pdf format.(114 KB).

Ordering Information:
Used For: PC software used for programming MC68HCx11A1,A8,D3,E2,E9,E20,and K4 devices using any hardware that supports 68HC11 bootstrap mode.

 products are available for downloading immediately after payment is approved. The order confirmation page includes a link to a .ZIP file that contains the executable, a help file that is actually helpful, a manual in .PDF format with tutorial, and all required example files.

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- download the P11-WD manual in pdf format.(269 KB).

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